Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Lugia Winning Entry

Summer's the time,
Of beaches and fun;
For playing and laughing,
In the blazing sun.

The season of Imps,
And the Sprites they abhor;
There's always a dispute,
That leads to a war.

The Imps are sneaky,
Pranksters by default;
They love to switch out,
The sugar and the salt.

The Sprites match their skill,
And boast speedy grace,
You don't see them coming,
'Til they're right in your face.

The feud keeps on going,
This war's just begun,
The Sprites and the Imps;
Clashing under the sun.

After many long days,
Of pranks and of fun,
The teams both retired,
Maybe it was the sun?

From my observing,
One thing is quite clear;
I'll definitely be joining,
This fight next year!