Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Lugia Winning Entry

'Twas a fine day in Mistica,
Springtime was in full swing,
Ostara had come and gone;
But the bluebirds still did sing.

A array of flowers had sprung up,
Right from the earthy ground,
Filling the air with aromas so sweet,
They brought happiness all around.

Kalla Lilly loved this time,
It made her want to hum;
The flowers blew right in the breeze,
Like dancers to a drum.

The Koko couldn't turn away,
She was entranced, spellbound;
By the dancing flowers,
Sprouting from the ground.

When the Koko did look up,
The dancers, they had spread,
Their forces covering the ground,
Like a mob of the undead.

But instead of running,
Kalla Lilly smiled,
This was her idea of grace,
Beauty, untamed and wild.

Now her shop is filled up,
With flowers she picked that day,
A vibrant display of color,
There until spring fades away.