Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

puredream Winning Entry

What a particular sight it must have been! The tiny Cheran tucked almost underneath such a massive creature. It was almost like she was walking with an ent; her own personal shade. But Jahzara was in a sense of giddiness at the tale. -- For even she did not know this piece of history.

Her soft pawsetps might have even held a hint of rhythmic discord if their sound was not trampled out by her companion’s harsh shuffle. They did not speak, but there was not constant silence. Occasionally, the shutters would clang shut or cry of surprise could be heard. But, at least, they entered the familiar clearing.

“No one is here.” A fierce voice growled out with a ping of disappointment.

“Do not worry. They will come.” Jahzara produced a reassuring smile. She was met with course black fur.

“And if they don’t?” The Rougarou asked, his head swaying from side to side. Scenting for something.

“Then tell it to me. I am here to listen.”

The beast looked around uncertain. He could sense the hidden Misticans. “Very well.”

“Revelry has always been my favorite holiday. The music and costumes and the food. -- All colorful in their unique manner. No other holiday had such an effect on me. I even refused to participate in any other. And as you know, I’ve slept most of the year until the sounds of merriment woke me up.

“At these times, I was docile and no one ran from me. I was allowed to toss my own beads and expand my collections. I did not have to hide and hope a kind Mistican would have what I needed.

“During this time, I had many friends that had no fear of me. They had no reason for it. In fact, they bought my wares - the colorful masks and plushies, like these.” He held up a Frodrinn Plushie ribboned with Revelry colors.

“May I see it?” Jahzara asked, “It is beautiful.”

“Thank you,” The Rougarou extended a delicate claw with his masterpiece, “Now, I cannot find a buyer and forced to barter for a living.”

“Bah, Rougah-ew, y kant yew seel yer things?” A rather brash baby Cheran stepped out.

“You, idiot!” An older sibling cuffed him, “He’s a monster. EVERYONE is araid of him!”

“I am not!” The child declared.

The Rougarou let out a deep rumble. -- He was laughing. “I am glad. If more Misticans were like you, I would not have to be in hiding.”

“Perhaps, Mr. Rougarou would you like to toss him this year. What do you say?” Jahzara bent down to the babe and placed her paw on his shoulder.

“Yay! Oi’ll tus lots to yez, Misser Rougah-ew!”

“And, I will toss to you.” Rougarou promised, “And Jahzara?” He turned to the story-teller. “Thank you.”

“I told you, they would come.”