Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Lugia Winning Entry

I write to you,
On this fine day,
To speak the truth,
If that's okay.

Your mane it shines,
I would dare say,
Just like the sun,
Greeting the day,

Your skills, unmatched,
In a musical way,
That much is true;
Wisps my breath away.

It would be grand,
It would be great,
If we could meet,
And form a band,

Of course, I mean,
With your consent,
We would be strong,
Form quite the team!

You have guitars,
I have my songs,
We'll be the best,
Always on par!

And when our band,
Is famous, then;
We'll be unstoppable,
Just take my hand!

We'd soar up the charts,
Making hit after hit;
I doubt you'll deny,
My simple request,

I'll wait here for your reply.