Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Lugia Winning Entry

She paced the floors, of her grand palace;
Inside her heart, hate and malice;
The Kohals stood as far away,
As they could possibly stay.

They knew of her rage,
Had grown wise with age,
Staying had caused them much pain;
But were bound by unseen chains.

"You! Little one, come here now!"
Boreal shouted, across her face, a frown,
The little Kohal, just a month old,
Went to face the queen, so cold.

But instead of giving him a blow,
She handed him a present, atop it a bow,
And wished him a merry Mistmas,
He scurried back with a surprised hiss.

And on that day, one to remember,
A frosty day, in Decmber,
Queen Boreal wasn't coldhearted;
Was an event most wouldn't believe.

No one knows why, she was kind that day;
Perhaps it was Mistmas magic at play?
"Get back to work!" She said with a wink;
And she was back to normal in a blink.