Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Lusium Winning Entry

"Come on, everyone, we have company arriving!" A fey called out, "Gather in the living room so that nobody is freezing when they get there!" She said, leaning back a bit to look at her various companions. Four new arrivals were coming, her friend bringing them to her, if the fey remembered correctly, the new arrivals were all under the influence of a Pandorias box. A Zodiac Obsideon, A Lanturn Zokuleon, A WinterCursed Haruba, and a Storm Mericai. A knock at the door startled the fey before she looked at her Companions, all lined up watching nothing in particular, she sighed in relief. If she had to worry about any of her companions, it would only be two, Daemonus, her Terror Jinx, and her Apocalyptic Stignightus Rosa.

The fey swung the door open, being greeted by a blast of snow and cold air. Quickly allowing her friend inside, she mentally counted off the new arrivals entering in shortly after her. "Lets see, you brought Macavity, the WinterCursed Haruba" She started, getting a look from the feline as he made himself at home on her dining room table. "Skellington the Lanturn Zokuleon," The Zokuleon in question simply turned a bit to look at her, despite it's pumpkin head not having any real eyes to it. "Zero the Zodiac Obsideon" The Zodiac pelted pet simply stared at her, saying not a word before joining Macavity on the table. "And finally, Tophat the Storm Mericai." She said, helping the Mericai enter the house due to the slippery steps that seemed laden with ice. "Thank you for swinging by to drop them off. Would you like to stay for some cocoa?" The fey asked, only her friend shook their head, and smiled. "I'd love to but I need to return home." And without another word, they simply walked neatly out of the door, and closed it behind them. Leaving the fey alone with her new companions.

"Alright then, This way, let me introduce you to the rest of the gang." She said, crouching a bit to pat Zero's head, only having him flinch away. "Oh, right, my bad. You and Skellington were both left in the po- Skellington no!" The fey said, only then noticing the item Skellington had grabbed, a Gourix poppet her friend had left behind. The fey however, didn't catch the Zokuleons attention quick enough as it was immediately covered in a white light. The form changing as The fey groaned. "Well. Too late now, I'll have to pay her back for the poppet..." She muttered, not paying much attention to anything but her thoughts until she felt the Storm Mercai gently nudge her leg. Bringing her attention back to the former Zokuleon on the ground. "... Skellington? Are you okay?" She asked after a moment, seeing the now large Gourix sprawled out on the ground. A slight grunt her only answer. "Alright then... Time to introduce you guys to the others." The fey said, she could already tell this was going to be a hard day.

It had only been three hours since the four new arrivals entered her house, and already Obscurum and Macavity had argued, Kay was hanging from the roof, Delusions hidden under Daemonus who seemed to be snapping at anything that came around the small Aetra, Hugo and Tophat were just staring at the arguments. (She was pretty sure their eyes were twitching) And Skellington was just lazing around next to Kalgiri.. The others she supposed were in the dining room, only confirmed as her Nightmare Quari pushed itself along the floor with its claws and a game of Sorry in his mouth.

"Oh for Pandorias sake!" The fey groaned, rubbing her face a bit. "CALM DOWN" She yelled, startling the misticpets scattered around the room. The fey ignored how the Jinx in the corner seemed to puff up at her exclamation. Simply walking into the middle of the living room. "Everyone, get in the living room. Please." She said, holding her arms out for Kay to drop down. ignoring the slight pain in her forearms from unsheathed claws. Those that weren't in the room, Like Rorschach, were slowly moving into the living room. Tristis apparently having flipped Rorschach onto her back so the Quari wouldn't be slow in getting to the room. The fey waited for all her Companions joined her in the room to speak.

"Look, I know its sudden, we have four new housemates, and nobody is accustomed to it yet. It's the holiday season alright? The Wood Wraith General had been pelted by enough snowballs from all of you, we had to find MeriClaus's Stignightus, and even helped Charitee with the toy drive, it was a blizzard outside earlier, and now the snow is relaxing. So for once, can you guys not fight? This is our first Mistmas season together, especially for Delusions and Kay, and everyone here has already scared the poor Aetra. Please, just relax. I'll be making hot chocolate. We can all sit back around the fire and enjoy the company, perhaps play a few games. Alright?" The fey said, hearing quiet grumblings from her companions before nodding. "Good, now be nice."

By the time the Fey had finished making all the hot chocolate, Macavity and Obscurum had finished arguing with one another, and were just idly relaxing beside one another, Tristis was listening to Skellingtons chatter, Hugo was sitting beside Tophat, helping him fix his mane, and Toxicity and Zero were simply engaged in a staring contest, the others scattered around the room invested in various board games. That is, until The fey brought out a few trays of steaming mugs of hot chocolate...

Needless to say, it had been a very eventful day, ending with the Fey passed out on the couch, and her companions littering the room. Some with a wrapper of holiday chocolate on their claws, and others simply covered with snow. It for once, was a Mistmas miracle.