Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Lusium Winning Entry

"The windows were fogged over from the temperature difference, a terror jinx bundled up in a thick blanket sat near the fireplace, teeth chattering and mask trembling. 'It's freezing out there, how many more times are we going to have to keep her from doing it again?' He seemed to ask, only being soothed by a Fey's gentle touch. 'Hush now, just try and warm up.' The Fey said, a baby Anya clinging to her shirt. A small movement from the corner of her eye bringing the Fey's attention to an Inarbu in the corner. Head down and feet drawn close to her body, almost as if she was in a defensive stance. 'Tristis, are you feeling any better?' The fey asked softly, watching the bear shuffle her feet before nodding her head. 'Alright, just get some sleep. You need it.' The fey smiled. Walking over silently as she lightly ran her hand along the Inarbu's back. Looking around the normally empty living room to find most, if not all her companions were gathered.

'Lets see... Who all is here, Daemonus is warming at the fire, Tristis is attempting to sleep, Kay is clinging to my shirt, Obscurum is sitting beside Kalgiri on the couch, Hugo's stretched out on the rug with Toxicity...' the fey counted, watching her companions do their business with mild interest before it hit her, 'wheres Rosa and Rorschach?' The fey suddenly asked, startling the Overgrown Mericai on the floor, only prompting what sounded like laughter from her Albino Haruba on the couch. 'Oh I'm sorry Hugo, I didn't mean to startle you, but, do you know where our other two are?' She asked, watching as the Mericai lazily pushed itself to its feet. And started off towards the kitchen.

To be honest, the fey didn't know how she missed it before, but there was her Nightmare companion, Rorschach the Quari laying atop the fridge, tail nearly touching the ground and fins drooping on either side of it. 'Alright, that answers one question, but wheres Rosa?' She wondered, carefully walking over in front of the Quari to prevent scaring it as she gave it's head a light pat, careful of the horn atop its skull. Listening to the quiet gurgling noise it gave in response, not noticing how she had been zoning out before she felt a strong tug on the back of her shirt, nearly throwing her off balance. 'Oh! sorry Hugo, Lead the way' She said, lightly laughing in embarrassment, following her Mericai companion down the stairs towards the basement, any other day she wouldn't have worried, but now it was nearing the season of Mistmas, and the basement was freezing!

'You're not saying Rosa's down there are you?' The fey asked, looking at her companion in concern, only feeling the dread in the pit of her stomach grow when he nodded to her words. 'Oh no!' She exclaimed, making her way down as quickly as she could, hoping nothing bad happened when she heard the crash of something hitting the wall. Throwing open the door to the basement, she froze, staring at the sight that awaited her. She was frozen in silence for a few moments before laughter burst from her throat. Watching a rather annoyed Apocalyptic Stignightus struggle to pull its tongue from a frozen pipe." It was at this point I started laughing from her position on her shirt

" 'Rosa! I told you not to do that' She said, wiping one eye as she walked further into the basement, looking to try and find a way to get her friends tongue off of the pipe without hurting her. 'Alright. Lets see... Oh, that's easy. Hugo, can you get me a cup of warm water?' The fey asked, looking over at the Mericai standing in the door way. It was a quick nod before it darted up the stairs, hoof beats fading. 'Relax Rosa, It won't hurt even a tiny bit' The fey said, running her hand gently along the Stignightus's back, avoiding the rather er... Fleshy areas. 'I never did understand how you've settled down. You used to be so viscous at me.. Biting every chance you got. Now you're just a giant love bug.' The fey sighed, watching the Stignightus only roll it's eyes, giving a huff in response, minutes passed as she waited for the Mericai to return.

"After about 10 minutes, The fey frowned, 'What's taking Hugo so long?' she muttered, giving a glance at the Stignightus before walking back up the stairs. Turning at the kitchen to see the Mericai attempting to turn on the sink with it's hooves. 'Hugo, how long have you been trying to turn on the sink?' The fey had asked after a few seconds of silence. It hadn't been much longer after that to get the bucket of water and return down to the basement, seeing the Stignightus sitting patiently on the basement floor, tongue stretched as far as it could go, stuck to the pipe." It was quite the sight to behold... "In only a few minutes, they had freed Rosa from being stuck to the pipe, and everything had returned upstairs. Gathering around the fireplace with mugs of hot chocolate clutched tightly in their grip, listening carefully to the air outside. and there everyone heard it! The jingling of bells"

Anyway, that concludes my story. My name is Kay, and I'm a baby Anya. Merry Mistmas everyone.