Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Lusium Winning Entry

Twinkling lights,
Color all over,
Cheer in the air,
And snow everywhere.

The jingle of bells,
the chill of winter,
Scent of pine,
and sound of wrapping paper.

It's time for Mistmas,
the time for cheer,
It's the season for joy,
A time for family and friends.

A time for all your loved ones.
Gather them close,
gather around the fire place,
with mugs of hot chocolate.

Listen close, you'll hear the bells
The spirit of Mistmas is all over.
But be careful, Queen Boreal might be lurking.

Gather up a ball of snow in your palm,
and throw it!
Just be careful.
Make sure it's not a Flayk or a Gaitaz's egg.
That wouldn't be too nice!

When it's cold outside,
and you need to warm up.
Just gather your loved ones around the fireplace
with a mug of hot chocolate,
listen close.
You may hear the snow bells jingling!