Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Lusium Winning Entry

Cake all around,
Its time for a celebration!
It's important for all to know,
The 6th annual Anniversary!
Of what you ask?
Well what else! Mistica!

Cheers all around,
Have some cake
Have whatever you like.
Today is a special day
A day that only comes once a year
Today is a milestone

A milestone that most never see.
Well lets celebrate.
Put on your party hats,
Set your alarms.
Turn up your radios
Its about to begin

We all gather and wait for midnight to strike the time,
At 12 am we all scream 'Hooray!'
It's time for the party.

Take some cake home,
Take some presents home.
It's time for everyone to go speak with Pandoria.
She's busy, she must have forgotten today!
It's of course a celebration!

Of what? Of Mistica's 6th Anniversary!
Celebrate with cake!
With anything you want!
It's time for fun!
The clock strikes 12
The party has begun!