Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Raichurules Winning Entry

As darkness descends,
We’re in for a treat!
Grab a bucket,
And fill it with sweets.

Have your costume secured tight,
You’re in for a fright!
Nothing is better,
Than Lanturnacht Night!

Visit Albrecht Von Emmerich,
At the Chamber of Evil.
Found an item inside?
Oh hey, nice retrieval!

Go down to the circus,
See Jasper and whole,
But be careful on the Carousel;
(It might steal your soul.)

Toss a few rings with Valerie,
Don’t be scared.
Or guess what’s in the box,
If you think you’re prepared!

Take a look in the tent,
Or have your fortune told.
Trade in your candy,
For something unsold.

Midnight arrives,
Oh it’s so great!
Everyone’s gathered here,
But it’s starting to get late.

“Until next year,” we say,
Until next year we wait.
Until next year we stray,
Until Lanturnacht fete.