Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

MarchOnOff Winning Entry

I was awaken by my pet, Kanxoh, who was whispering in my ear "wake up, I heard something, I'm scared..." "You dreamt it, Kanxoh go back to sleep and let me sleep too." "Shhh...listen!" Then I heard it too, some beep-beep noise, but quite creepy, like a broken motor of sorts.

I got out of bed to check it out, what could I do? I looked, I searched, nothing. And then I saw it, glowing and rather tiny, looking like some Shiny Pandoria Box, but not really and not smelling so fishy either.

With Kanxoh holding tight on my pajamas, I got closer to have a better look then BAM! loud and shiny, the box popped open and something got out. At this point, Kanxoh was already under the covers, shaking.

The..."something" was glowing and beeping, looking like a cross between a Bewitched Stignightus Poppet and a Mistical Horror Sludge. Just when I was about to run, the "something" dropped a Lanturnacht Compass on the floor and said "come visit us on Acitsim!". Then, with a louder BAM! and a WHOOSHHH! got back into the box and flown away over my head, nearly touching my hairs. I think I must have fainted then, because I woke up later in my bed, Kanxoh pulling at my blanket. "Boy, when you sleep, you sleep! Come on, wake up, I'm hungry!" "But...but Kanxoh...last night...the noise, the thing..." "Oh, you had a dream too? Yeah, I know, tell me about it over breakfast?" "But you heard it too, you woke me up, Kanxoh!" "No, I didn't, slept like a log. Seriously, it has to be just a dream...now let's eat!"

Half convinced, I got out of bed, splashed some water over my face, felt much better, I mean DUH! of course it was a dream! I started to laugh at myself when my foot pushed something under the bed, so I bent to look and froze: it was a Lanturnacht Compass...