Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Lusium Winning Entry

With a chime and an echo,
There's always a mellow child.
With the ringing of the bell,
There's somethings that I should tell.

They jeer at me everyday
But that's alright, because they're jealous.
Because I am the teachers favorite.

With a chime and an echo
There's always someone who bathes in yellow
The laughter quiets when I enter.

But they're just jealous.
With a smile, I take the jeers.
I take the frowns

Because I know. They're nothing but jealous.
The bell rings everyday, always at the same time.
They use it for an excuse to act immature.
Because they're going home.

But I stay behind, and do tutoring.
Because on the inside.
I don't want to go home.

With a chime and with an echo.
There's always someone who understands
and for me, it's my teacher.

I am a teachers pet.

They jeer, and they frown
but I don't let them get me down
Because it can always be much worse.