Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

_Starlight_ Winning Entry

The path I follow into the forest will soon branch off into three,
Misticpals are hidden in each tree.
I take the road on the right,
To a clearing that holds the chambers of Pandoria & all her might.
Sensing my arrival, the goddess parts the curtain & beckons me inside;
She gave me a rare mistical egg with pride.
"This pal will be a perfect companion for you; it enjoys collecting objects as you do,"
It is decorated with a white swirl & I suspect the pal will have one, too.
It has the most wondrous colors & hues,
The shell consisting of silvers & blues.
I thank the goddess & begin the journey home; passing the hottest lands,
The dampest of the damp, then a village of creatures that seem to only have hands.
I am hit with a gust of icy wind, & the contents of the egg shiver in delight,
We are almost home, reaching the village just as day turns to night.
A stark contrast to the Blizzard's Realm & its cavernous dome,
The steep climb of the mountain & the sound of rushing water meant one thing: I'm home.