Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

TARDIS Winning Entry

M is for Morana, dire as it is, with a skull and a stake to say leave and you'll live, //
I is for the Inferno terrain, full of pets with fire in their manes, //
S is for the Swamp, the swamp of the banshee, I'm hoping no creatures will come after me, //
T is for Trades, where people browse and swap all the stuff they've bought from someone's shop, //
I is for Itzair ruins, bits and bobs galore, dig in the sand to find what's in store, //
C is for Circus, Jasper's such a delight, every year he comes to give us a fright. //
P is for the Pound, with all the lonely pets, donate to Charitee the items are awesome, good as it gets, //
E is for Explore, find all these great places, visit each one, and see some new faces, //
T is for Tribal trades, owned by a strange chief, all my puns and jokes must be causing you some grief, //
S is for Sango reef, a place to play and a place to swim, Monty's gone, ha! We showed him. //
Together this spells MISTICPETS. a great community on the 'net!