Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Ripplesazz Winning Entry

Just outside of darkwood hollow Zana, the most beautiful of Tarinooki's, was tending to her luxurious garden outside. She was well aware of the ongoing infestation, and of how dangerous it was for her to be outside when there could be infected Misticans anywhere! Even though it was risky, she decided to stroll to Zany mage magic for some new blossoms. It was the worst mistake of her life. As Zana walked down the path, she heard fevered whispering from the foliage around her. Suddenly, they were surrounding her! It was a group of infected skillow whom proceded to lift her into the air quickly. "you're our valentine now, beauty!" they raucously called. "Oh, somebody halp mee!" Help could never come soon enough, she was already Infected. Poor Zana, maybe after infestation is over she wont be cootie infected! (we can only hope!)