Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Quinn Winning Entry


I came across a strange land one day
where animals talked and strange food abounded

where animals were companions,
and not animals for pets.
They say this land was Misticpets by name.

A strange land of many places,
where a king named Blithe sat on a throne
In a frosty land, of strange bear-like creatures.

and Where creatures of oddity
with orange skulls and black markings
and pumpkins for heads

Growled menacingly as I passed,
and yet beauty also reigned in
this strange land

a brightly star came every Mistmas
or so it was said
to light the way for weary travelers and
bring joy and cheer in his wake.

But alas I woke
this land was no more,
a strange dream, a figment, and yet
on-line I found it, just as I saw
in my dream so dear, so long ago.