Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

AppleJax82 Winning Entry

Once upon a time in the far off land of Mistica there lived a small Nokwi named Trixy. One morning she awoke to strange noises and people talking outside. Trixy quickly rolled out of bed and raced over to her bedroom window and looked outside. To her surprise she saw there was a new family moving into the vacant house next to hers. She noticed alot of toys and dolls in one box and beside it she saw a small Cheran who was no doubt the same age as her. "Finally I have a chance to make a new friend" Trixy said to herself before throwing on her clothes and grabbing up her favourite doll. When she got down stairs she ate her breakfast at lightning speed then got up and headed for the door but not before explaining to her mother how she wanted to make friends with the new girl in the next house. "Well be back for lunch dear and you can even invite the new girl if you like" her mother called after her as she dashed through the door. When Trixy got over to where the other girl was standing she cheerfully introduced herself "Hi there my name is Trixy would you like to play with me?". The other little girl looked at her strange at first then said "My name is Marcy Id love to play lets go!". All that morning the girls laughed and danced and played..When it was time for lunch they went to Trixy's house and had tomato soup and sandwiches. When they went back to Marcy's there was another girl standing in the yard. Marcy ran over and hugged the girl and told Trixy it was her other friend named Chloe. Trixy was happy she asked Chloe if she would like to play with them..Chloe had other plans..."Ugh id Never play with someone like you...Your not Cool enough to play with Marcy and me...At that marcy giggled and the two of them skipped away...Trixy's feelins were crushed...She walked home crying all by herself...Trixy had been betrayed...That night her mother tucked her in and said "Dont worry darling your much better then they are and soon you'll find your own class of friends that will treat you fair and never betray you the way Marcy has.

The End
By: AppleJax82