Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Capnharris Winning Entry

#3- The moon rose high in the sky and the wind howled its displeasure at the coming of Lantunacht. Spooky pommekin carvings loomed in the darkness, almost as if Lanturn pets are waiting to pounce. You hurried onward, wishing for the comfort of home, when suddenly you hear a crash. You spring behind a tree, and look around for what could have mad the noise. The shadows seemed to move into evil shapes and figures. The crash came again. You muscle up, and walk out to find out exactly where it came from. You turn around the corner, and see some knocked over trash cans. A couple of Nookis came out of them, and run of with some old food in their mouths. A feeling of relief came over you, it was nothing but a few pesky Nookis. You happily strolled home, not even minding the frightening pommekin carvings anymore. You go to open the door, and...its locked. You patted yourself down and realize theres no key on your person. You shrug and look for the spare key...gone. Something catches your eye on the roof. You look up... And there, standing by the twilight sky, a Lanturn Obsideon. It seemed to evilly grin at you. All of the sudden,  they were everywhere. All species of Lanturn Misticans surrounding you, dozens of them, forming a circling around you. Suddenly, you feel dizzy...
       You wake up, and look around. The place you're in is filled with black fog and fireflies. Usually fireflies make you feel safe, but these had eerie red glows. You get up and move around. There are pommekin carvings on the ground. They all look like Misticans, spooky, but still. 
      " Help us...please..." a voice echoes.
      " Who's there??" you ask worriedly.
      " It's us...the Lanturns... Help us..." the voice, now with others chiming in, said.
      " You can talk?" you asked.
      " Yes... We were taken here, stolen, by packs of Lanturn Misticans... Just like you were. We wandered...wandered on until our skin began to change. It started turning orange , getting harder... We started getting hotter and hotter, until we had to sit down. We kept heating up, and we started rapidly gaining weight. We didn't know what was happening, we tried to run, but the heat and large amounts of weight we were gaining wouldn't allow is to... Iw eventually just fell over, and started shrinking, shrinking to the size of a pommekin...and the last face we made...is the one we have carved into our pommekin," said one of them, finishing their story.
      " So you're all pommekins now? What are they going to do to you guys?" you asked quietly.
      " They take us, and put us around Mistica...most of the Lanturns you see every year are the Misticans that the Lanturn creatures take... And after that, they leave us to the imps and witches, to experiment with spells, or just smash us up for fun," they said.
     " Is that's whats going to happen to me?" you ask, starting to panic.
     " Likely. Run, run while you can, before it starts..." one says.
     You take off like a bullet, running as fast as you can. All you can see is black fog and the eerie red fireflies. You don't have any idea where you're going, but you know you need to get out of there. You look at your skin. It already started turning orange! You try hard to run faster, but you're already getting tired. It seems you aren't getting anywhere, there's just black fog and fireflies everywhere. You start feeling the heat coming. They were right, it felt like nothing you've never felt, it was like candles, tons of them, had been light inside of you. Your bump into something, and fall over. You look up to see the face of the Lanturn Obsideon from earlier.
     " Where do you think you're going?" he growls.
     " Please let me go! I don't want to be a Lanturn!" you cry.
     " It's too late, the process has already begun, there is an antidote, but I doubt you'd get to it in time. Besides, we need some new cool Lanturns this year! Make sure your last face is a good one!" he laughs
     " An antidote?! Where is it?!" you ask quickly.
     " Ah, well last time I saw it, a little imp was carrying them around. He only gives them for a price though, hehehe," He says with a sickly laugh.
     You leave him, and keep running, the heats really getting bad now. You hear rustling coming from above. More Lanturn creatures? No! It's the imp that the Obsideon was talking about!
      " Are you the imp with the antidote?!" you yell.
      " Why do you care?" a scratchy voice came from above.
      " I need one! I'll give you whatever you need!" you yell again.
      " Anything?" the voice says evilly.
      " Yes! Please!" you cry.
      " Alright," it says jumping down from above, " you must be loyal to the imps, and be my servant for the rest of you're life. Do whatever I ask of you, whenever, no matter how hard. I won't need you all the time, but when I do you must do what i ask. If you don't, I'll bring you right back here."
     You ponder for a moment, and finally decide to accept. It is better than being a Lanturn, after all. The imp throws you a bottle and you quickly down it. Soon you pass out. 
      You find yourself on the ground where you were when you were confronted by the Lanturn Misticans. You're back to normal, normal skin, you aren't hot anymore, and you're out of that place. You pop a window of your house open, and climb in, still remembering that you forgot your key. You shut it, walk to your room, and climb in to bed. You did it. You escaped. You could almost cry. You shut your eyes, ready to fall asleep when you hear something...
   " Time to help the imps, servant...hehehehehe"
                             The end?