Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Nightmares Winning Entry

You step out of your cold, cozy home and you walk around your
yard. The temperature seemed to be climbing generously and as you step
to the pavement of your driveway, you feel a sudden jolt of heat that
brought around pain. You grab your foot and jump up and down.
Particular thoughts blurted out and you turned to sit down on
the porch steps. Your loyal and faithful stignightus trots up to your
side. The mane curled like millions of flames and the eyes danced with
the sun's rays.
"Why did we have to move here? Any partial reason why you favor
this mountain? At least we have the safety of our small little cottage
here." You throw a rock on the driveway to see if it would heat like
an egg on a skillet set up on the stove for breakfast.
"Only because my whole entire family had a blood line of
Inferno and I only wish to live the same. I am thankful for the
cottage but it is a bit to cold for me. That is one of the reasons why
I stay out I hope you do know." The stignightus pranced to a flower
that started to sprout beside the house.
"I know that, Nyx. I just don't know why you /had/ to drag me
along. This is worst punishment than visiting my grandparents. When
are we finished here?"
The stignightus that you had called Nyx looked at you and she
looked away, "If you wish to go on, then do so. I was just trying to
be nice and give you a vacation from work. Is that so wrong?"
Nyx sat down and blew at the little flower. It had Purple
flames as petals and it flared up at her. Nyx sighed and sniffed the
flower. It danced around and then skidded into place. She gathered the
small flower into her hand and gave it to you.
"I am so sorry, Nyx! I didn't mean it like that. I will stay, I
promise! You want to go snooping around?" You sit up and start walking
on an unfamiliar trail.
"You don't like to hike though. You don't even know where you
are going!" Nyx jumped up and pranced in front of you to play as the
You laugh and follow the stignightus through the unfamiliar
trail. Nyx's tail swatted at the flies that swirmed around her hind
quarters. You continue to follow through the snake-like trail.
You both stop at a cave and spy a large rock with different
drawings on it. It looked real old and was drawn in blood. The images
were a tribe of Inferno Stignightus' tripping through the forests of
the volcano. They looked so happy and peaceful. You look up to the
ceiling and see Emperie's flutter up and down. They were in a peaceful
state of mind.
"Who goes there?" A voice struck like lightning hitting a light
pole. It echoed through the cave.
You intoduce yourself and Nyx and explain that you two are just
exploring and looking for the ancestery blood line and history of Nyx.
"I am Volcan. /The/ mighty Volcan. If you ask you will recieve
but first, you must go and fetch me the rare flamed daisy." Volcan sat
and you see that he had a dragon-like body. His wings were extra large
and his eyes were black as coal.
"Oh, master, I do have the rare flamed daisy," Nyx grabbed the
flower she had picked and gave it to Volcan.
"Your family has been wipped out. You are the only line left as
so as your long lost brother, Zayne. He has been ran out of the
villiage and he has a family of his own. He awaits for you to seek him
and stay with him.
"As for you, young one," Volcan touches your cheeks gently with
his tail, "You are still confused and new to this adventerous creature
that found you. You have chosen well to pick this certain stignightus
as your compainion. She fight well. Now off you two go. Go and seek
Zayne. He awaits for you both."
You two blink and Volcan was gone. There was no sign that he
has been there. You ponder off into your deep thoughts and then think,
"This is only the beginning"