Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Pandamonium Winning Entry

Ode to the wondrous beast Volcan,
Children, remember the name,
See how his fiendish gaze beckons,
With ferocity that none shall tame,

He asks for little, will you please him?
Young dreamer, will you be so bold?
Return with that which he longs for,
And be faced with treasure and gold,

He guards a vast hoard of treasure,
The enormity impossible to comprehend,
These riches from all across Mistica,
Are more wealth than any could spend,

I see how this fortune tempts you so,
But hearken; there is more to this tale,
Do not disappoint the great Volcan,
Be prepared if in this quest, you fail,

Watch as his gaping jaws widen,
And eyes the burn with flame
Hear his thunderous bellow,
He shall be cursing your name,

He releases a torrent of fire,
Lava drips from his jaw,
Fear for your life, young dreamer,
Flee! Do not stand there in awe!

Now you know of the beast Volcan,
You know of his terror and might,
Will you travel the land to see him?
Will you return a victorious knight?