Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Nodai Winning Entry

Vermilion vapors veiled the vast void of the venting volcano.
Once only odd occurrences, now omens of wealth- or woe.
Lava leaked light into a figure, lo!
Culminating in a crazy crescendo!
Awesome in appearance!
Noticeably nightmarish!

Volcan voraciously voiced his vice, very vacant of vagueness.
Olives, he ordered, ombr´┐Ż ochre orbs of outstanding opulence.
Lost, I lingered, listing layaway locations, my likely leads.
Careening across crisp crusts concealing crevices I cantered.
An accelerated audit I did attempt, asking all I encountered.
Nay, no, nothing! Nightfall nearing, and none had met my need!

Vying, I found them at last at market! Vegetable vexations!
Obligated by oath, I returned, offering my oval oblations...
Late! My liege loudly lectured, livid, No largess- your loss!
Can it, you capricious, cheating clod! I catcalled, Cool off!
Audacious, I did answer angrily, albeit risking his awful animosity.
Never acknowledging my nettles, he merely noted the next necessity!