Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Nightmares Winning Entry

“Now, now.. Don’t get fun mixed up with,” Emblum shifts his eyes towards Dryen, “horror.”
His deep chuckles fill the room as his fellow pack mates shiver from fear and the harsh weather.
“I thought this was summertime… and yet… it’s so freezing!”
“Stop you’re complaining, Snookie. Drama Queen.” Boondox rolls her eyes and curls in a ball, purring with delight at her cocky moments here recently.
It has been cold .. a lot colder than usual for summer time. Whatever happened to sweating and being able to run and jog instead of curling up in a ball and cuddling with pack mates you can merely stand for half a second out of the day.
Nine members of “The House Of Cannibals” and only a few are down-to-earth beings gifted with kind hearts and not blessed with mutations that the world sees as a curse. These creatures are misfits, only bound together because of the hate the world shows to them.
“I was expecting to just play in the water and to find some flowers to give to mamma Boondox and to learn to hunt by papa Esham… That is all I wanted,” Szear starts to sob.
Esham rushes to the aid of the newest member of the pack and embraces him in an awkward hug that animals seem to give, “Everything will look up to us soon.”
“So, zombies are just going to go away?” Emblum snorts.
Esham turns to Emblum and snaps his teeth.
“We have to hope for the best. We have to keep the positive thoughts around Szear. He is just a pup. We have no need to scare him away and leave him stranded out there to be torn to shreds and ate alive by beasts the two-legged beasts have created.”
Everyone curls up to Kame, whose flamed fur seems to be dying out just like the little hope they have left… and times seem to be getting harsher since Jal and San haven’t come back with anything to prove their hunt for food. Times are getting hard. This wasn’t a movie, this was real life. Humans weren’t just living in fear, the creatures who inhabit and share the earth were in fear as well.
Summertime, what is it without fun at the beach or playful afternoons underneath a water hose? This summertime was filled with cold harsh nights feeding the thoughts of death and fear from minutes to hours… dreading on to see who will be turned next.