Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

AutumnSunris Winning Entry

"Curious." Wavy sat out near the boulder by his new home and looked up at the gray sky. "There seems to be water falling on my head!"
His new mistress laughed. "That's the rain, Wavy." She explained. "It happens when we have too much water in the atmosphere."
Tackleglomp poked his Kratork head out from the door. "Huh...I just thought the clouds were drooling."
Their mistress laughed again. "No, dearies. It's just rain...not drool."
"Oh." Wavy seemed to think on that for a moment. "But will it hurt us?"
Autumn sighed and touched the top of her new Gourix's head. "Poor thing. You've never been outside in the weather, have you?"
Wavy looked embarrassed. "Well, I sort of went from my old home to the pound...so not too much."
"You haven't missed much," Contradictary, Wavy's fellow Gourix, snorted from behind. "Except for the puddle splashing and rainbows."
Wavy looked at him. "Rainbows? Puddle splashing?" He looked confused. "Do I need to know these things?"
“Nah.” Said Formaldehyde. The small Cheran came to sit near him. “The only thing you have to really worry about is...” There was a sudden squeal just before they felt the mud hit them. “...that rotten Tarinooki that our mistress won’t let me eat.”
Michaela rolled on the ground giggling. “Oh, dear Forma...I got you but GOOD that time!” She took off into the air on her little wings, her colorful tail flashing behind her as the Cheran gave chase.
“Well,” thought Wavy. “I DO believe this is going to be the best adventure of my life...even if it DID start with rain.”