Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

SuperSheep Winning Entry

A cheery Anya pranced down the road, whistling and toting a colorful sack that looked like it was about to explode from being over-stuffed. Inside the sack was a variety of fun treasures, ranging from multicolored balls to intricately beaded necklaces. Revelry was this Anya's favorite celebration, because nothing was more fun to him than being able to throw stuff at everyone without being yelled at. Well, usually not being yelled at.
Up ahead was a young Jumboyo girl hunched over and quietly walking. The Anya figured she was going to sneak attack someone with a pretty Revelry item. "Not if I get her first!" the Anya chuckled to himself. As quietly as he could, he slid a golden, plastic cup out of his treasure bag. With silent steps he approached the girl, held his breath, counted to three and...
Whoosh! The cup flew through the air in a blur of yellow, whacking the girl square on the head. Screeching like a Phelocan, she whirled around- nearly losing her footing in the process- and began wildly swinging four sticks in the speechless Anya's direction. "Wow!" he shouted, barely dodging one of the girl's powerful strikes.
Suddenly the Jumboyo halted her swings and opened her eyes, staring at her victim. "Sorry," she apologized, "I thought you were a... znake." Her face turned a rosy red and she hastily turned her face aside, not daring to look the Anya in the eyes.
"Znake? Revelry's not even over yet! What are you worrying about those for?" the Anya questioned, not taking his eyes off those dangerous weapons of hers.
"Well, every year they take Mistica by surprise. So this year I decided to get ready early..." came the meek reply.
The Anya giggled and placed a pretty purple necklace around the girl's neck. "Don't get too wrapped up in saving the world that you forget to have fun," he advised before turning and continuing on his way. There were more unsuspecting heads to be hit before this Revelry was over!