Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

JessiCosmic Winning Entry

The excitement of it all
Hoping snow will gently fall
On that special day you love
Opening presents, having more than enough

It starts with the night before
Hoping Santa will show up at your door
Hearing the jingles of his sleigh bells
Excited for the morning, your story to tell

You can hear him creep along the roof
Wanting to go see him, but not wanting him to "Poof"
You hear his big boots in your living room
Filling it with presents, hoping for anything but the coal of doom

A cup is set onto the table
Knowing he drank from it then saw the lable
"Cookies for Santa" is what it read
So a bite he took, Santa was fed

Hearing him go back atop the chimeny
Hoping evering has gone swimmingly
Til the morning you cant wait so you go peek now
Tip-toing past the parents, to this you know how

A room filled with love and presents in paper
You cannot wait to open them later
You refrain for a night til morning arrives
And when that time comes, you notice how thankful you are for your life.