Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

SuperSheep Winning Entry

Doodle walked out into the crisp autumn air. She was wearing a hand-made red cloak and her head was adorned with two little fake horns. On her tail, a basket to hold the candy she collected was swinging. Giggles escaped her mouth as she looked around at all the other people dressed up for Lanturnacht. This was her second favorite holiday and she planned on having fun! After all, one only got this chance once a year!
She walked from house to house and slowly her basket began to fill with yummy treats. She stopped and looked through what she'd gathered, having decided at that last house to throw out the things she didn't want and make room for better candy. She huffed as she began sorting through her delicacies. "Who the heck gives out stuff like this on Lanturnacht anyway? Mints, sugar-free candies..." she paused for a second. "Wow, a mini toothpaste. Grand." Needless to say, it went straight into a bush.
Looking up from her basket, she saw a group of kids come back from a large house with frowns on their faces. As they passed she heard one Ahbruis grumble, "Don't we get to trick her now?" Doodle's eyes lit up. Could this be the chance she'd been waiting for?!
She practically ran up to the large house's door and knocked repeatedly until finally a lady came out and shooed her away before shutting the door again. An evil look passed over Doodle's face. Finally, finally, someone to trick! She pulled out her trusty Znakes in a Can and set it in front of the door. She knocked once more, as hard as she could, and then ran and hid behind a nearby bush.
The same lady poked her head out and rudely kicked the can away. She then returned to the safety of her home. Doodle wasn't a happy Anya then. This meant war. "Time for a more direct approach," she decided. She retrieved the can and knocked on the lady's door. No response. "So this is how it's gonna be, huh?" she asked. Time to commence Plan B. This one didn't require participation from that evil woman.
After a few minutes of hard work, Doodle proudly walked away from the large house with her basket of goodies. "That outta teach the old hag a lesson!" On the door of her enemy's house was painted a simple message, "Warning: The lady who lives here hates Lanturnacht and kids. Keep your distance!" Maybe next year she'll give out candy...