Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

milerubi Winning Entry

Like the blue sky after the rain
And the flowers that are blooming again,
Not even the people are an exception.
For noticing just use your perception,
Everything changes.

Changing in a better way,
Giving us improvements on a tray,
Mistic is always a surprise
The guys behind it are surely wise!

New species, items and games,
New treasures to obtain,
New lands to explore,
It's surely a place for us to adore.

Jinxes, Kokos, Kratorks and Zakuleons,
Everybody came!
It's a big party, a big change,
No one can complain.

Now let's just sit and wait
New changes are about to happen
and they sure will be great!
It's a big bloom of improvement
be sure to stay attent
the news won't make you discontent!