Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Kite Winning Entry

Have you ever owned a Foxusha? I don’t mean the fancy Nightmare of Daydream variety, but the basic star speckled Foxusha – a very cute, but incredibly difficult to house train creature. Upon purchasing this rather adorable looking critter from Pandoria, I had no idea how difficult it would be to convince one to go outside to use the bathroom.
To begin with I called the little mistakes ‘presents’, and cleared the little gifts away discreetly, easily forgiving those bright starry eyes and ignoring the disgusted looks my Cheran gave me as I scrubbed the floor afterwards.
“He’ll be toilet trained eventually,” I said soothingly to my irritated pet, stroking his zodiac maned head and ignoring the chuffing snort he gave me in reply. “After all, I bought him for you.” The gesture seemed to go unappreciated, and as our brand new little Foxusha continued to use every given corner as a makeshift lavatory, my Cheran became ever the more hostile towards him.
“What shall we call him?” I asked one day, cradling the cute little bundle in my arms. He flicked his starry coloured tail, and it left a trail of sparks in its wake. “How about ‘Stinky’?” I said, only half joking, as he had left another little ‘present’ for me earlier that day, despite my best efforts to train him out of it. My Cheran growled at the cute little critter in my arms, and it responded by running up my arm and curling itself around the back of my neck fearfully, leaving a gleaming trail of stars in it’s wake.
“Now stop it!” I chastised my pet, stroking the trembling Foxusha around my throat. “Perhaps if you tried helping, rather than frightening the poor thing, he may follow your example, instead of relieving himself in the nearest corner.” My Cheran’s Zodiac coloured ears flopped, and then, for the first time since the Foxusha’s initial arrival, he stuck his silver nose towards the frightened critter, and gently nuzzled the side of it’s midnight-furred cheek. The Foxusha first stiffened, clearly terrified, but then began to purr, shutting it’s huge glittery eyes and returning the affectionate gesture. It was a beautiful thing to watch, and I noticed how the starry pattern of the Foxusha’s fur matched the Zodiac colouring of my Cheran.
“Zodi,” I smiled, reaching up to tickle the fluffy chin of the cute little Foxusha. It chittered contentedly, and then received a big lick from my Cheran’s oversized tongue.
From that moment on, it seemed that the cute Mysticpal had begun to form the desired bond with my pet, and as a result, little Zodi began to follow him around and did indeed become housetrained in next to no time by following his example. The two are now the best of friend’s and my Cheran would never be without Zodi at his side.

I suppose you could say that the moral of this story is that, often we will meet people who initially we find difficult to accept, or irritating for whatever reason. However, if we make ourselves overlook their shortcomings and be welcoming and friendly regardless of these unappealing traits, often they will surprise us and turn out to be nothing like we initially expected. After all, if we overlook their negatives, hopefully they too will overlook ours.