Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

JessiCosmic Winning Entry

The heat blazing down from the sun drew a sweat to Anberlin and Shikon's scaley skin. It hadent been this hot in a long while. Being from the Diamond Glacier Domain, Anberlin wasn’t use to this kind of heat. Taking shade in their cave, they managed to slightly reduce the heat.

“Why is it so hot here?” Anberlin questioned while wiping his orb from his sweat. “Oh I don’t know, maybe because of the sun?” Shikon sarcastically replied to him. With a glare, Anberlin looked at her with a raised brow before returning to acknowlegde the heat.

Shikon looked at how miserable Anberlin looked, he wold never admit to it but she knew she had to get him out of the heat. No one could get use to the temperatures in a month. She began to think until she remembered that there was a beach inbetween the Frost Bite Mountain and Kelpie River. “Come with me.” Shikon demanded as she left the gave. Anberlin stared at the woman before finally getting up and following her.

The trip took about an hour, but once Anberlin stepped out of the forest and onto the beach, he became ecstatic. “A beach!?” He lunged out and began to bath in the chilled water, cooling his burning dry skin. As he began to pounce around, he noticed a bottle burried in the sand at the shore. Not familiar with the item, he dug his claws into it and pulled out a map. “Shikon, come here.” He called to his mate as she stopped her sun bathing and slowly but surely made her way to him. “What’s this?” she replied as she held the map into her hands. “It seems to be directions. Lets follow!” Anberlin said with excitement, he loved going on journeys, it was one of his past times. With a sigh, Shikon agreed and they started to follow the map.

“How do you even know where to go? This doesnt show where we are.” Shikon looked over Anberlin’s shoulder to view the map in his hands. “You see this right here?” Anberlin pointed to the map, “I saw this on the way here, so that is our first landmark.” Shikon looked at what he was pointing to and recalled the item herself. “Oh, I remember that!” Shikon exclaimed as she began to feel excited about the map hunt!

Together, Anbelin and Shikon went landmark to landmark that the map had directed until they found themselves in the middle of a desert. Staying close together, they began to regret the decision of map following for they became hot once more.

In the distance, Anberlin and Shikon saw a figure moving closer to them. As it aproached them, it turned out to be a desert Ahbruis. Remembering his encounter in the Diamond Glacier Domain, Anberlin became wary. “Who are you?” Anberlin yelled out as he shoved Shikon behind him in a protective manner. “I am Kouga of the Desert Abruis, who are you?” the Ahbruis commented as he awaited an answer.

Taking a second to reply, Anberlin spoke, “I am Anberlin and this is Shikon, we’re from the Frost Bite Mountains.” Kouga looked at Anberlin and Shikon, their skin tones were different from each other. “You both look parched, follow me and I will bring you to the water hole.” Kouga was suspicious of the new commers in his territory, he didn’t trust them. With no choice but to follow, Anberlin and Shikon followed.

"Where are we?" Shikon broke the long silence. Looking back at her, Kouga continued to walk until they reached the top of a large sand dune. "This is the Itzair Ruins." he finally replied. Shikon and Anberlin looked puzzled, all they were looking at were more sand dunes except with pillars coming out from the ground. Not saying anything to be rude, they followed Kouga to the water hole, taking the water into the mouths to quench their thirst. "Why are you in the desert? You don't belong here." Kouga asked as he watched them drink their hearts away.

They both stopped and looked at Kouga. Uncrumpling the map from his hand, Anberlin showed Kouga. Stunned, Kouga looked at the map, this was what he had been searching for for eleven years! "Where did you find this!?" Kouga demanded. As Shikon began to explain, Kouga grabbed the map from Anberlin. "Hey, that's our map!" Anberlin yelled as he began to use his orb before fighting, seeing if he would win; it was no use in battling.

"I have been searching for this, this belongs to me." Kouga said more calmly, "Follow me." again obeying, Anberlin and Shikon followed the Ahbruis to see where the map would lead them.

With the help of the map, the trio found a giant door that was sealed shit. Turning the map over, Kouga read off what the words on the back of the map said. The foreign language confused the Kratorks until the door flew open. With the sun glaring on the contents of what was inside, they all covered their eyes until their eyes adjusted. The entire room was filled with gold. Staring in awe, the ran into the ruins, basking in the gold. "Thank you!" Kouga said to the Kratorks as he held a necklace in his paws. "This belonged to my mother who was the keeper of this shrine." the look on his face was sad yet greatful as he put the necklace around his neck, allowing it to shine as it once did on his mother. "You may take whatever you'd like. Once you have your fill, go north and you'll find yourselves back into the Frost Bite Mountains." With those words, Kouga left to go back to his pack.

As Anberlin and Shikon took all that they could carry, they headed north and in fact found themselves at the Mountains. "That was great!" Shikon yelled out as she showed everyone the treasures they had found for their pack. "Shikon," Anberlin started, "I would like to take some of this back to my home in the Diamond Glacier Domain."

A bit stunned at his comment, Shikon completely understood how he felt. Nodding, she then spoke "I am going with you." Anberlin looked at her and then agreed; she was persistant and nothing he said would make her change her mind. They went into their caves and slept, awaiting their new journey.