Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

JessiCosmic Winning Entry

From the cold Diamond Glacier Domain
To the burning hot Inferno Terrain
Summer to all of these areas are the same
Filled with fun with friends, who could complain?
Whether it's frolicking in the flowers
Or staying up late in the hours
No one could deny the powers
Of the joy of falling leaf showers.
Summer relieves all from stress
In Mistica, our pets feel blessed
There is time for both play and rest
With times like these, who could protest?
Beaches, forests, rivers and more
To each their own with each ones galore
Watch the water pound against the shore
In Mistica, anything can be in store.
You meet new friends
The sunset to each day differently ends
As too how it closes, to you it depends
Summer in Mistica, always feels like a weekend!