Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Faerie Winning Entry

The summer sun casts shadows
As it sets behind the trees
The forests of Mistica settle down
Ready for a warm peaceful sleep

In the morning, heat floats down
Like a heavy veil
But on the shore near the reef
The cool wind makes it fly off the land

The children of Pandoria
The people of Mistica
Dance through the sand
Loving the sun

They swim in clear waters
Sail over those colorful reefs
And fly through blue skies
Ignoring the heat

Summer is a time to gather
To feel the magic and energy
To not give in to the burning rays
That seem to take joy away

School is out for the young ones
Games and play stretch out in front of them
Seeming never to end
Like the winding white beaches

Autumn and school is a distant problem
Winter and cold is a mere memory
Now all they think of
Is summer fun