Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

JessiCosmic Winning Entry

The sky was bright with small snowflakes floating down like a feather on Anberlin. His scaley skin shivered slightly as they encountered him. "The season is almost done." Anberlin thought as he made his way across the land. It had been a rough season with very few creatures to eat. He let his tail swing to his head as he looked at the orb attached to his tail. "If it wasn't for this, I would have wasted a whole lot of energy." The orb made sure that all creatures he persued wouldn't be a waste of his time, calculating if he would be able to catch them or not. As a young Kratork, each is paired with one of these orbs, it made their lives a lot easier. Anberlin still remembered when he got his, it made his world a lot brighter. Just like every Kratork, if you hold onto the orb for years and years, the tail will get so use to being in that position that it will stick there, locking the orb in its grasp. It wasn't as bothersome as when he first obtained it, always dropping it. "You only get one." Anberlin remembered his father saying. His thoughts withered away when he noticed a creature in the distance. "Is it worth it?"

The white crystal orb started to shake, sending shocks of invisionment into Anberlins head. His eyes flew wide open as he began to see the outcome of his actions. "Got it!" he whispered as he crept forth to the creature. "I havent eaten for so long." Anberlin thought as he crept along the snow, everything camouflaged except for his black back, but that blended in with the rocks. Before he could leap towards the creature, Anberlin was tackled by white Ahbruis. A loud growl left his mouth as he struggled to get up. Before he could decipher where the Ahbruis was, it lept around and bit Anbelins tail. This time a squeal escaped his mouth as he felt the muscles around the orb split. He had lost his grip and the white orb became lost in the snow. "NO!" Anberlin yelled as he became furious, knocking the Ahbruis down. "Where is it!?" He kept his voice at a yell, searching desperately to find it. It was useless, the orb was gone. He watched as the Ahbruis left, not knowing if it was worth going after him for food or not. This was weird not knowing what was going to happen.

A few weeks passed since Anberlin lost his orb. His tail was fully functional again, flipping around, but it felt lonely. He had wasted so much energy on pointless fights that he didn't really have any left. He didn't go back home for he knew he'd only be banished. The chunks of orbs that each Kratork had was from a bigger orb in their clan that fell from the heavens to them. Each Kratork would get a chunk at a young age and in return they would protect it with their lives. Anberlin failed to protect his. He lost it somewhere in the Diamond Glacier Domain, it was useless to ever find it. "Listen...." a voice appeared, echoing in the air, carrying in the wind. Anberlin looked around him and saw nothing. "Listen...." it appeared again. Anberlin once again circled himself and saw nothing. "I'm listening!" Anberlin shouted into the nothingness of the Diamond Glacier Domain. "Follow." it spoke, pushing Anberlin to the East with its strong winds. Following the wind, Anberlin was pushed many miles until he saw something. In the middle of nowhere was a patch of land where the snow melted. Exploring, Anberlin went forth towards it and to his astonishment, his orb was in the middle of the melted snow. His eyes began to glow as he grabbed it with his tail, wrapping it tight around the orb. "Thank you!" he shouted into the wind. He would never let it go again.

The miracle in the story, Pandoria's gift was magic to Anberlin to help him find his orb.