Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

DrTripwyre Winning Entry

The pets of Mistica, as everyone knows
Are awesome and cute from their heads to their toes.
Some have wings, some without
Some pets squeal, others shout.

Tarinookis are fun, mischievous, too
Their fluffy tails striped with hues
Purple to green, red to yellow
My own Asariet is such a nice little fellow!

Ahbruisi or Ahbruises? That is the question.
Either way, them I must mention.
Ancient, wise, covered with ‘tats
This is one wolf that knows where it’s at.

Is a Mandoran part turtle? Or maybe part ‘dillo
Don’t touch those spikes—they’re a lot worse than brillo
But, I’m glad they like to be alone.
I’d be nervous, letting one of them into my home!

Haruba are beautiful, yet such good little thieves
Pocketing what’s not theirs with the greatest of ease.
They kick out their kits as soon as they can swipe
But Mom and Dad continue to live together for the rest of their life.

I’ve covered a few pets, but there’s so much more
Waiting for you, behind the door.
Come join MisticPets! You’ll be glad you did.
There’s a very good chance you’ll love your new furry “kid”.