Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

SinLigereep Winning Entry

The one thing about Misticpets that really brings it to shine isn't the pets, pals, or anything else that normal petsites have. It's the community. In all my years of being on the internet, never have I ever come across a community so friendly and generous. This community is what makes Misticpets unique from the rest of the petsites and is one of the few internet communities that is like this. Everyone is always willing to help and everyone is polite and friendly. When Mistmas comes around, be ready to be gift-bombed! No one is left without a gift and a lot of times you'll at least get one item from your wishlist, so make sure to keep it updated! Really, it can't be put into words how wonderful this community is, just that it'll bring you tears of happiness and a warmth in your heart.
Besides the community, theres another thing that makes this petsite unique from the others and that is Hatchipals! Sure you could have a normal pal and attach it to your pet, or... you could get an egg and raise the pal inside by feeding it your posts in the community! It's never a dull moment when you chat with friends as you try to find out what's inside your egg. There's even a Hatchipal Chat thread that you can go to, to talk all about Hatchipals and watch them grow.
Another thing about this site that's pretty awesome is the Art and Writing. The Artists and Writers do such a good job to make this website beautiful and unique to anyone who sees it. The Art on this site is stunning and the Writing will always give you a bit of a chuckle or grab your attention.
Last but definitely not least is the Misticpets Staff. The staff always helps the best they can and they never keep those in need of help waiting. They are very friendly and polite like the community and they always try to be fair. They really do work their hardest to keep everyone happy and to keep the site running. This staff would have to be one of the most dedicated staff I've come across on the internet. They along with the community make Mistica very enjoyable and addicting.
So in the end, Mistica is one of the best sites you'll come across. There's never a dull moment and the site is very enjoyable. It makes me proud to be part of such an awesome website!