Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

catilena1890 Winning Entry

Not long in Mistica,
Have I been here.
Though I am very glad
To be apart of this year.
So many memories
Will be made at this place.
And getting the gifts
Will be quite a race.

A favorite memory of mine
I`d like to recall.
When I moved to Mizzou
During my first snowfall.

The snow was falling
All onto the ground.
My dog Gizmo I unleashed,
Through the snow he would bound.
We'd tumble and tangle,
We'd laugh and we'd play.
We'd run and we'd roll
We did this all day.

Soon it was time
We had to get warm.
There was no losing Gizmo,
With his red furry form.
Inside we'd go,
And we'd sleep the cold away,
To be ready again,
For snowfights the next day!

All on Mistmas
Did this all begin.
My dog seemed happy,
On his face a big toothy grin.
Thus ends my tale,
My fondest memory.
There's joy in this holiday,
Might I share it with thee?