Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

misticpet Winning Entry

Alone......on Mistmas.....Should anyone have to endure such pain? No family......nothing. What would I do? Who could I turn to on that frightful night? There was but one, one who could comfort me through all pain, darkness, and struggle that I had endured through those last cold years. His name was Yehul; he was the only one I could talk to. Although we were so far, we were so close together, connected by a bond that could not be separated by mortal means. He had sacrificed so much to give me happiness; but all I did was shun it away. My pride and anger had gotten the better of me; yet, in that rage of mine, yehul still loved me. He didn't care that i was so full of sadness and frustration. He always forgave me even when i shunned him.
But on that night...I felt alone. Where was yehul when I needed him most? I searched everywhere. I looked upon the streets of the place which was once my home, but could not find him. I walked and walked until my feet could tread no more. Alone and unwanted on Mistmas night- i had never felt so cold and alone until that frightful evening. I wished that i could have had one more chance to make things right with yehul, to say sorry for all my actions that had hurt him, and to tell him that i loved him with all my heart and soul.
Suddenly, a figure appeared in the dark distance. Was it yehul? Was my wish granted? Could i actually tell yehul my regrets and how much i loved him so? 'Twas not yehul. It was only a little creature shivering in the cold frost of Mistmas. She seemed relieved to see another soul caught in the winds of loneliness, to share her heart with. She looked up at me with innocent eyes as we trudged along the dusty path that leaded into the warm light of the town. after wandering for countless hours that seemed to be an eternity, I finally headed to my "home" of cinder blocks by the old graveyard that was in perfect view of the city and all its wonders; right then, I felt a warm hand on my shoulder- a warmth had come over my soul, a comforting peace that had stilled the rippling waters of my spirit. I turned and saw that it was Yehul! I asked him, "I searched for you, but could not find you! Where were you?"
He then replied in a soft, comforting tone, "Maria, i never left you. I was with you the entire time."
Then I said, "But i called out for you! I called and called, but you never answered!"
Yehul answered, "Maria, you have hardened your heart, you have closed your eyes and ears to the love that i have given you. You called out, hoping to find an answer, but did not ask for an answer. You called my name but did not find me, why did you not simply ask for me to come to you? You know i will always be there for you. All you need to do is reach for me and i will find you no matter where you are and what you have done."
And on that Mistmas night, my soul had found peace, knowing that i had someone to turn to.