Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

puredream Winning Entry

The winter-weakened sunlight dimly dances on the winter cloak that has taken over Mistica as Mistmas draws near, the eve of this long waited event hangs upon the landscape like a long-waited storm. Young pets from Cheran to Belragoth masquerade in the white down of the holidays, giggling in delight as they toss the fluff at each other in pure delight.

Suddenly, a dark cloud rushes over the hills as Kohals speckle the panoramic vista. Queen Borel's evil laugh cuts through the crisp air, destroying all the mirth in the hearts of the Misticans. "Fools!" She cackles, clearly pleased with herself to the point of a tear glistening down her smiling cheeks, "You celebrate your precious holiday too early! You have forgotten, it is not here yet, nor have I played the final card."

She chuckles grimy and disappears in a rush of hatred chilled air and ice. When the storm has cleared the dear pets and users alike find something to their displeasure. To the horror of the Misticans, the once cheerful scene has turned arid and barren. The trees have lost their beautiful green glow and were replaced with the skeletons of their former selves. All presents turn to ash in the children's hands, leaving a filmy dust on their mittens. Even the snow has disappeared from the very ground.

It appears Borel has a different strategy from her normal games. Instead of capturing our pets or the spirit, she has gone straight for the heart of Christmas. A low blow for even here.

Tawny Nooki, a young little thing, stares longingly at her once merrily dressed tree, which now lays withered like a flower long past it's date of enjoyment. A midnight blue ornament, the color of Borel's regal, is all that Borel has left to decorate the symbol of Mistmas. All over Mistica, other pets are having the same result.

Meanwhile Borel's castle is clad with cheer as a tree decorations every corner and the hallways are covered with colorful lights. And the queen cheerful? Laughing gleefully on her throne as she tears present after present open. She throws the wrapping paper after each gleefully into the air, like a pampered child getting everything she asked of her parents.

"Joy! Joyous Mistmas day!" She peels delighted as the clock chimes twelve marking the now fateful day. "Bring me my crystal ball!" She cries to a Kohal, who nearly scampers at un-Kohal-like speed for it. When he returns with the ominous orb, she takes it up and moves away the clouds from the surface. "Now let's see just how much 'fun' those delusional creatures are having."

Tawny the nooki's face comes into perspective, but to Borel's surprise there is not a single hint of tears that was there only a few hours ago. Instead she is laughing with delight as her mother tickles her. Her laugh sounds like little chiming bells that nearly melts the heart of even Borel, but Borel's confusion and rage wipe away the feelings of compassion.

"How can this be?" She wonders out loud, "I took away the fool's presents! Why is she laughing?" Borel sought in vain for the answer, but intuition did not come to the spiteful queen.

The answer to her plight, however, was a simple one, that she would never comprehend. Tawny was happy, not because her tree was decked with tensile and fancy lights, nor where there extravagant gifts under her tree. That little tarinooki was happy, because she had the greatest gift of all. Love.