Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Mockingbird Winning Entry

For the snowy season of near no sun,
Others have memories,
I have just one.
But this single experience of MeriKlaus' toys
Is a starburst, a winter wonderland, of joys

Those wrapped presents, beneath the tree
Pleasant for the eye to see
They tempt you, do they tempt me?
Of course they do, but patience is key.

And MeriKlaus, that jolly fellow
Who will allow a window open every day
Content with watching those happy pets play
And those owners, jubilant, are glad to stay.

And in that cold, that frigid, month
Where the quiet never ceases to be broken
Full of all that Mistmas buzz
Is the warmest day there ever was
As they huddle 'round, warm to their fuzz
And the Mistmas prayers are finally spoken.