Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Reeses Winning Entry

It's not meant to be monetary,
Not meant to be measured like that.
Count it only in hugs,
In kisses, in words,
That no coin can buy.
Be grateful, be thankful,
It's actually in your hands.
Don't forget, don't dismiss,
Lest it fly away.
Hold our hands and understand,
There's no way we'd go.
Our compassion, our love,
Understanding and joy,
Remains wholeheartedly so.
Gave you comfort we didn't even know,
Handed you tissues to dab at your tears.
Did everything we didn't even mean to do,
All for them, and all for you.
Thanks for giving,
Thanks for the dreams of what we wanted to be,
And thanks for sharing this November with me.