Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Superbiah Winning Entry

I want to tell you a story about a mysterious man, like Santa Clause but real!

Once lived a Man, I’m not going to give him status or description because he wanted to stay hidden in the dark. He was a very bored man since he had pleased all his wishes. So the next good thing he could do is please the other. One day, before Thanksgiving, he went in the park and sat on a bench. The park was the best place if you want to kill time and hear random people taking and expressing random wishes. And this day was no different than the other days. Every time, when a random person would sit next to him, he would ask him “What do you wish for?” and most people would say all kind of different material things. The elder one will say that they wanted their family over for dinner. Some would act moral and say they want peace and health. But only one girl, ordinary looking girl would answer “I wish for a happy thanksgiving wish a big turkey!” The Man knew all people in the little town except for the girl he had never seen her before. He was impressed.

All night and even during the day he was trying to fulfill the wishes of the people. To one family (I better not mention which) he sent plane tickets so they can go across the ocean for the holiday to visit. To the children he sent toys and decoration. Helped few people finish their collection or supported their hobbies. He fulfilled all the wishes to the people he saw in the park and to some he didn’t. Everyone mentioned him at the dinner table. At the night of Thanksgiving everyone had received their gifts except for the little girl. The Man found out few days later that the girl is living outside town, in a village in a poor family. He felt bad and all the good he had done seamed worthless, because he missed the one that really needed it. He send a sleepless night with grief in his heart until one thought came to his mind “Why does it have to be a holiday to do something for someone?!” He jumped out and started planning.

On the next day, a week away from Thanksgiving, he knocked at the door of the girl with a beautiful doll. For any other child it will see nothing special, not a popular brand, nor fancy features, nor fashionable cloths, but the girl loved it; it was new gift for her given by a nice man. He took the family out for dinner, not an expensive one but gave them a dinner they never had.

During dinner, the girl asked him: “What do you wish for?” The man looked at the happy family and the smiling girl and say: “This, a nice family dinner.” And this way, unknowingly, the Man not only granted a wish to the people, but he also granted his own wish.

I wish I knew the person; I wish I could talk to him and ask him why he did it? Will he do it again? But nobody ever told me who he is.
They were all lying “We don’t know” and smiling with a little wink.