Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Mockingbird Winning Entry

"Gather around," the Strange Traveler whispered to his assorted audience that encircled the campfire. "I have a story to tell you, one of happiness and not just community, but also family and friendships."
A young Skillow, feathers fluffed out to a nearly cartoon extent, trilled excitedly, "Tell us, Strange Traveler! Tell us the story!"
The listeners around the campfire commenced their incessant chant, "Tell us! Tell us!"
"Okay, okay," Strange Traveler agreed. "Let's begin.
"As you all know, Misticia was made possible by the wonderful admins and moderators and the staff that cooperated to form such a wonderful community. Thank Zara we exist! Otherwise we'd be nothing more than scattered pixels floating across the Internet."
"The Internet?" a young Comeil repeated, eyes round.
"Yes, the Internet," the Strange Traveler confirmed, "and endless network of Websites that orbit around admins and staff. It's huge and easy to get lost in if you stray from your Website. Only humans have the ability to travel across the Internet."
The pets listened with renewed interest.
"Now, our Website thrives," Strange Traveler continued. "Our members treat each other with unending fairness and respect. Mistakes are easily forgiven. People give and receive from one another. We all lean on each other and support one other. We are truly a family."
A young Ahbruis piped up, "What I don't understand is what this has to do with anything."
The Strange Traveler's eyes gleamed beneath his tattered hat. "No? But is it not the month of November, the month where we celebrate the anniversary of Misticia? Is it not the month to celebrate how far all the giving and care the staff and members have treated one another with has gotten us?"
For once, no one had anything to say.
"And that," Strange Traveler concluded, "is why we gather around the fire on this day to tell the tale of why we are here."