Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Moonchild25 Winning Entry

The Rainy Day

It was a dismal day in Town Square,

The rain was thick as bear's hair.

The Ducks were hiding,

The turtles deciding,

Whether to risk the weather.

The clouds over head looked morbid,

So going outside was forbid.

But then came a ray,

Of a bright sunny day,

Peeking through soft clouds of feather.

The rain still pored down sadly,

But the ducks now swam gladly.

For with the sun,

Rain was much more fun,

For a rainbow had appeared.

The rainbow shone on the rain,

Things were brighter again.

The diamonds glittered,

And birds twittered,

The rain now was cheered.

Town square people never forgot,

That after when it rained a lot,

The rain would bring,

The merriest thing,

A rainbow which stretched the sky.