Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Darkmoon Winning Entry

Rainbows Unseen

The clouds rollin in

They ensnare the light

My happiness is taken

I've no energy to fight

Clouds gather their strength

Finally darken to black

Warmth leaves my heart

I can't take it back

Burdens form into rain

Falling from the skies

Why can't they see

Tears fall from my eyes?

The wind is lashing

The thunder grows louder

I feel myself crashing

Won't stand this much longer

The rain pauses suddenly

The clouds break away

But I don't notice

The rescue coming my way

A light comes out

The rays are bending

I'm surrounded by friends

Their help they are lending

A raindow is hung

Between two clouds apart

Love's colors have an

Affect on my heart

But very few pause

And look with wonder

Why don't they notice

Colors displayed instead of thunder?

The storm passes on

The rainbow passes away

But I'll always feel

It's lasting affect on me

Perhaps you can only appreciate

The lasting rainbows that form

Only after you've felt the rain

Only after you've survived the storm.