Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Baineshee Winning Entry

“Gregory, mail came for you today.”
“Yes, I’m sure it’s for you.”
“No, Gregory, you can’t eat it.”
“I don’t know who it’s from, no.”
“Maybe there will be a name on the inside.”
“Alright, hold on while I open it…”
“It’s a love poem, from a girl.”
“The ‘i’s are dotted with hearts, that’s how.”
“It’s some silly nonsense, about your eyes glowing.”
“You really want to hear the whole thing?”
“Oh fine. It says;
Oh Gregory, I love you so
Your leather rough, your eyes aglow.”
“Well, I know those are just the first two lines, but I didn’t think you wanted the whole thing.”
“Really? It’s so corny.”
“Ah, good to see you’ve come to your senses.”
“I can do that? I thought you liked the love.”
“Just teasing. It’s probably that girl from last year, remember?”
“The fire it is.”
“You’re right as always, Gregory.”
“Who needs girls when we have each other?”