Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Rynn Winning Entry

It was night-time in the forest,
The moon was a white sliver,
Shining upon a great circular fire.
Lined in a ring around the flames,
A huge group of Misticans danced.
In the distance, an Ahbruis howled.
Sitting on a log, two Yehxil played
On smooth panpipes, tapping feet.
Before them, Misticans of all shapes,
Of all sizes, danced before the fire.
Behind them, a great tree shivered.
It seemed as if she was dancing!
Well, of course, she is, wonder why?
All alone, a young Gurahdi reads a book.
It wasa book she found on the forest floor-
It was not something found in a shop!
It seemed like a birography of some sort.
But then, that would be silly, after all,
Trees can't write books!
Even so, today was Feron of the Forest's birthday!