Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

BlueGoddess Winning Entry

I remember a time
When the waters were clear and clam,
When the salt was a kiss on the cheek,
When the land and the sea had no qualm.

When the foam tickled toes,
And we played the wave evade game.
When the ocean spray caught our senses,
And the sea had no name.

When the bright colored fish,
Swam about coral reefs,
The currents swept all our cares away,
The sediment giving way to treasures beneath.

When big rocks eroded,
To create multicolored sand,
With which we melted in to glass,
And blew into a rod held by our hands.

When storms loomed threatening o’er us,
But passed silent and still,
When we sailed for pleasure,
And swam for the thrill.

Where the moon pulled the tides,
And we were swept up with them,
The blue caressing warmth filled our heads with a soothing melody,
And the water, to us, was a precious gem.