Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Sirrush Winning Entry

Sit down and let me tell you a story,
full of intrigue and frustration,
about pals and battle and glory...
The tale of the infestation!

Once, in a month most find so dear,
for love and hearts and cheer,
two sides went to arms against one another
and soon they were fighting, brother v brother.

On one side, the lovebugs, oh so bold,
were sure they would win the glittering gold.
While in the other corner sat the cooties,
who just thought the lovebugs were snooty.

And at first, the lovebugs were winning,
but the cooties knew, 'This is just the beginning.'
And within a few days and hours,
the cooties knew, 'This war is ours!'

In the following battle-filled days,
it seemed the cooties were all the craze.
And sure enough, by the end of the war,
the victors were shown, the trophy was for...

The cooties! Who had led
for most of this feud.
But now, they were fed
to pets as gourmet food.