Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Isyli Winning Entry

February 28th, 2010

My Dearest Love,

    It has been a fortnight since that fateful day. Pandoria herself must have thought it wise to bring your beautiful frosted eyes to mine. But, alas, I have sent you one hundred letters of adoring devotion, but you have yet to enchant my mind with your written word! All you have done is send my letters, unopened, back to me. Do you wish to not read what I have written? Are we only to communicate in person? Must we meet where we first met? I will be waiting for you, for I seek to hear your voice and feel your glistening feathers!

Will Always Wait for You,
Your other half <3




Blizzard's Realm, Mistica (March 5th, 2010)- The unnamed Arctic Phelocan was finally apprehended yesterday by the Mistica Asylum staff as onlookers watched from inside the warm shops. An onslaught of anonymous tips had flooded the police phone lines about a man who was flirting and seemingly falling in love with his own reflection as he passed by a shop window. He was first spotted on March 1st, but he fled before psychiatric staff could catch him. The Phelocan was captured just after sunrise when he returned to that window.

    After the initial evaluation, the man was diagnosed as ‘Lovesick’, a common virus that is spread by the bite of a Lovebug*. The Asylum staff administered the antidote and kept him under surveillance  overnight. He was released early this morning.

We attempted to contact the Phelocan, but our calls were not returned.

Many thanks to:
MIH (Mistical Institutes of Health)  for supplying the list of symptoms for ‘Lovesick’
LSA (Lovesick Anonymous) for participating in the MIH study of the afflicted
MA (Mistican Asylum) for capturing those afflicted
The police, who contacts MA
And the anonymous tips from readers like yourself

by Tara Tarinooki of  The Mistica Chronicles


* The Lovebug is a cousin of the Cootie and Genderbug, and is said to come out only in the month of February. The venom from their bite causes the afflicted to fall in love with the first person he or she sees. If a family member or friend shows symptoms of being ‘Lovesick’, seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY. Those symptoms include, but is not limited to; suddenly loving an enemy, flirting with their reflections, falling in love with Misticpals, excessive daydreaming, loss of interest in actual partner, stalking, excessive letter writing, sighing, sudden proposals of marriage to complete strangers, lack of appetite, sudden disinterest in hobbies, excessive blushing or giggling, or forgetfulness.