Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Roxanne Winning Entry

Vixen, Forever and For Always


It was evening time, and the snow was falling steadily in Darkwood Hallow. Sympathize, Roxanne, and Silken were decorating the Mistmas tree. Cheery Mistmas carols played on the radio. Vixen folded her wings and leaned toward the hearth. The small Braenon half listened, amusedly, to Sympathize as she teased Silken. The last words she caught were Silken's -- "Don't you dare." She nodded off, thinking about the previous year. How tumultuous it had been! Her, losing her voice, then being brought home by Roxanne. She was barely a kit, only four months old. Vix frowned slightly, thinking about her voice.

The disease that had taken Vixen's voice once ravaged the pets of Mistica, but now it was very rare. And, as usual, she was the one unlucky enough to catch it. But no, she couldn't think of it now. It still made her bitterly sad, to think of what it had done to her and her family. Vixen was torn from her thoughts as an ornament crashed to the ground. CRUNCH. She sighed, though it was not audible. Her adoptive sister, a Wintercursed Braenon named Foresight, looked mildly annoyed as well.

As she resumed her thoughts, she began to remember the best thing that had happened to her. Slowly, the details of the memory developed, as a photograph develops in the dark. Vix remembered the Pound of Mistica, warm and friendly though it was, as a sad, gloomy place. She missed her family, her voice, and her old life at that time. Roxanne was her savior, who rescued Vixen -- from herself. She remembered exactly the conversation which took place on her adoption day.

"This one's a beauty. She's a bit depressed, but she has loads of personality. She's still a young Brae, around five months, but she hasn't got a voice." Charitee, the pound manager, stood in front of Vixen's kennel, looking hopefully from Roxanne to Vixen. Charitee's wings folded and unfolded as she anxiously glanced around at the pet owners, each looking for that special addition to their family. "She'd love to come home with you."

"You know, she seems... different from the others I've seen. How much is it to adopt her?" Roxanne asked, speaking quietly and stroking the Braenon through her kennel. She spoke quietly to the kit, coaxing her into her arms. "It's alright, darling. I'll take the best of care of you."

Charitee looked almost shocked. "It's only 1,000 MC. You're sure, are you?" Roxanne nodded, hugging her new pet gently. Charitee clapped excitedly, then led Roxanne by the hand to the front desk. "Right this way. Let's get those adoption papers signed, so you can take her home. What are you going to call her?"

"Vixen. Yes, that seems fitting..."