Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Valkyrie Winning Entry

The Color of Memories


Memories dance around me

Like snowflakes in my mind

The year has been so long...

Thinking of all that I’ve experienced


Things I have yet to find

Rosy in the morning

Green in the afternoon

Dark blue in the twilight

Colors swirling to form a picture

Fading into the New year


 Coming far too soon

 Did I say everything I should have?

 Reach out to those in need?

 Show those that I care in action and in deed?

 I cherish each friendship

 The laughter and the tears

 Have I learned from my mistakes?

 Am I growing wiser with the years? 

 My memories walk beside me


 I step away

 Into the colors of what lies ahead

 With all my heart I wish you

Happy New Years Day !!